The Myrtlelawn EcoPark Community Webinar is a showcase of the work done by the Plank Road Community to activate their neighborhood. The schematic design plans presented are creations of LSU’s Professor Kathleen Bogaski’s Fall 2020 Landscape Technology class that incorporate the vision of the local community and other stakeholders input for 4258 Plank Road, a Build Baton Rouge land bank property. During the webinar, students will present their designs and those in attendance will have the opportunity to comment and make recommendations.⠀

The Myrtlelawn EcoPark project, led by Co-City Baton Rouge’s Manny Patole, is part of Build Baton Rouge’s Imagine Plank Road Master Plan for Equitable Development. Co-City Baton Rouge (an applied research partnership developed by the Marron Institute of Urban Management at New York University and LABoratory for GOVernance of the City as a Commons, based at Georgetown University) is a collaborative partner with Build Baton Rouge, co-creating economic revitalization and urban regeneration projects within the Plank Road Corridor in North Baton Rouge. Plank Road is the most blighted corridor in Baton Rouge, yet remains a significant anchor for the neighborhoods of North Baton Rouge. The area has a rich history and is home to numerous neighborhoods and businesses.⠀

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