Florida Corridor


We have received a couple of requests to delay the printed material deadline due to inclement weather. Being in South Louisiana, we know that situation all too well. Please submit the proposals electronically (email download/stp link) by tomorrow at 5pm. Printed proposals will be accepted until Monday, February 6th at 5pm (same address as in RFP).

Thank you and please stay safe!



As outlined in the RFP document, the deadline for submissions is February 3. An information session will be held next Friday, January 20 at 10am. Please email gsiemers@buildbatonrouge.org if you would like to be included in the virtual meeting. The deadline for written questions (via email to me) and requests for changes is next Thursday, January 19 at 12 noon. Any addenda to the RFP will be posted on this webpage.

Build Baton Rouge and the Cortana Corridor Economic Development District look forward to reviewing the submittals and collaborating on this transformative project.

Link to: Florida Corridor Plan RFP

Link to Submitted Questions for Florida Corridor Master Plan RFP